Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know that balanzit is benefiting me? Will I feel different? 

If you think that consuming balanzit alone will protect you from ever falling sick again or give you a short-term energy high, then you are mistaken.


balanzit contains ingredients that are well known to help maintain good health and general well-being. balanzit refills your food with the vital nutrients you need on a daily basis to ensure that your body’s different systems get the required nutrition to function properly. balanzit contains vitamins, minerals, pre and probiotics, omega fatty acids, and important herbal concentrates, thereby helping balance your daily diet. The benefits of a balanced diet are plenty and well known. 


Learn why the WHO recommends a balanced diet. 


The benefits of vitamins & minerals can be found here. 

The benefits of pre and probiotics can be found here.

The benefits of omega fatty acids can be found here. 

The benefits of herbal concentrates can be found here. 

Learn why it is almost impossible to eat a balanced diet everyday without balanzit.

However, these benefits, like the benefits of any health food product, may only be felt over a long period of time. In other words, a daily supply of these vital ingredients is a great insurance policy to have to support your long-term health. 

How do I know that my vitamin levels have been maintained after consuming balanzit for a while? 

You are welcomed to get your vitamin levels tested periodically once you have been consuming balanzit on a daily basis for a few months. If it is found that you suffer from deficiencies, it could be that you had these deficiencies long before you started consuming balanzit, and these deficiencies have most likely been caused because of other factors (such as genetic factors), whose treatment should be carried out under your doctor’s guidance. 

Have clinical trials been done on humans? 

balanzit is not a pharmaceutical medicine. It is a food product. That is why clinical trials are neither necessary nor required for balanzit

balanzit contains the vitamins and minerals suggested by WHO and ICMR. It also contains pre and probiotics which have a wealth of research done on them and their daily need in our body is very well known. You may be surprised to know that the herbal concentrates used in balanzit have also been very well researched by some of the leading universities of the world. 

Check out our page on Herbal Extracts to see university studies about the herbal concentrates used in balanzit


balanzit adds micronutrients and other vital ingredients to your food, thereby helping to balance your daily diet. 


While clinical trials are not needed, the rigorous tests that are required and important for a food product like balanzit have been done. These tests are can be found here.

Some Ayurvedic products have unacceptable levels of heavy metals. balanzit contains herbal concentrates. How do I know that balanzit is safe? 

In 2005, Ayurvedic products by some of India’s largest brands were banned from Canada because they contained unsafe levels of heavy metals. 

Unlike many other products on the market, balanzit is manufactured at an export oriented NSF GMP facility. balanzit has undergone a series of rigorous testing procedures and does not contain unsafe levels of any ingredients.


The safety tests for balanzit can be found here. 

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