What is balanzit?

balanzit is a daily multivitamin, multimineral powder with prebiotics, probiotics, veg omegas & botanical concentrates (40 active ingredients, 1 month supply)

It is very difficult to have a balanced meal every single day. 

balanzit is a diet balancer that helps balance your daily diet by providing the full benefit of some of the most vital ingredients on Earth in their most concentrated forms. balanzit contains 40 vital & active nutrients impossible to get from daily diet alone. 

balanzit contains ingredients that benefit immune system, cardiovascular system, brain health, and has antioxidants.

balanzit contains 13 vitamins, 10 minerals, 11 herbal concentrates plus 3 conditionally essential nutrients in a flax seed extract base with prebiotics and probiotics. Click the tabs to learn more. 

Why is balanzit unique? 

balanzit can be mixed into your daily meals. 

balanzit does not alter the taste or smell of dals, subjis, kadhis, and other salty foods. 

balanzit improves your nutrition intake, helps reprogram your body’s metabolism and assists in restoring your health & vitality


balanzit contains ingredients that help promote immunity, help reduce fatigue, help improve metabolism and assist efficient absorption of nutrition

  • Immunity: Vitamin C, Selenium, Amla, Tulsi, Methi help boost immunity

  • Energy: Iron, B2, B7, Phosphorus help produce energy

  • Fat Loss: B3, K, Magnesium, Zinc, Calcium, Green Tea Extract help regulate fat levels.

  • Muscle Recovery: C, B2, B3, B5, B12, E, Mg, Selenium help muscle recovery after exercise

  • Protein & Carb uptake: Inositol, Chromium, Potassium, K, B7, B6, B3, pre & probiotics help utilise the protein & carbs you are having


In total, Balanzit has 40 active ingredients, each playing an important role in the efficient functioning of the body’s various systems.


True beauties of Balanzit are:

  1. Complete

  2. Ultra concentrated tiny 1g serving size

  3. Does not change the taste of your food

  4. Sugar-free.

Convenient & Concentrated

tiny 1.25 gram serving to be put in your protein shake or 

on your daily meals

How to use balanzit

Sprinkle one scoop on any cooked meal and mix.​

Use 1 scoop at lunch. 

Use 1 scoop at dinner. 

Why do I need balanzit?

We know that we should have a balanced diet everyday. The benefits of a balanced diet are well known and include the following :-


  • Helps build immunity

  • Helps a healthy development and growth process

  • Can protect against various noncommunicable diseases such as obesity, diabetes, heart diseases, and some types of cancers

  • Can help maintain a healthy body weight

Learn why the WHO recommends a balanced diet

Whilst most of us are aware of the benefits of consuming a balanced diet everyday, very few of us (if any at all) are able to consume one on a daily basis. If you think you are consuming a balanced diet everyday, then think again. Consider this example: if we consume a sabji with carrots in it, then we may fulfil that day’s required quantities of vitamin A, but we miss out on all the other micronutrients. 

Similarly, many of the vitamins we do get from our food are not stored in the body. Water soluble vitamins are easily washed out during food storage and preparation, and are removed from the body in urine. That's why we need a daily supply of these vitamins in our diet.

Moreover, if we try to consume many different types of fruits and vegetables on a daily basis, it becomes impractical. This exercise is impractical because of the following reasons: -

  • Fruits and vegetables are seasonal - their prices vary, and the micronutrients they produce vary depending on geography and season.

  • Consuming such a wide variety of exotic fruits, vegetables, and superfoods on a daily basis can be inconvenient and expensive

  •  Eating too much leads to too many calories and therefore to unwanted fat gain

Furthermore, a recent study by the the Indian Soil Association found that the soils of 174 districts across 13 states in India were depleted in key nutrients. The lack of nutrients in the soil means that the crops grown in that soil are also lacking in vital nutrients. In other words, the spinach we are eating today is not as healthy as the spinach our grandparents were eating a few decades ago. This makes it imperative for us to re-fill our foods with these lacking nutrients

Add to this fact the several other factors that prevent us from consuming a balanced diet on a daily basis: -


  • Busy lifestyles i.e. lack of healthy meal preparation time - especially for those working in corporates

  • Junk food culture - convenience and wide availability of junk foods

  • Loss of nutrients because foods may not be stored properly in transport

It is of little surprise therefore that the National Health Survey found that the majority of the entire Indian population is unable to consume a balanced diet everyday. 

balanzit re-fills fills your food with the vital ingredients you need on a daily basis. These ingredients are known to to support the body's natural capacity to maintain & boost health. 

Learn more about the ingredients of balanzit

balanzit is great for...

Individuals who find it unnatural to consume a lot of pills, capsules, shakes, and other nutrition drinks. 

balanzit is designed to help benefit adults, athletes, and even kids.

What is the dosage? 

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